My Internship Experience at Vox

My Internship Experience at Vox

Post by Eri Mizobe, Vox PRPA Intern

I had the privilege of interning at Vox PRPA during spring term, 2014. I had a great time and I’m very grateful for all that I’ve learned and for the kindness of everyone on the team. I had wanted to intern at Vox since my sophomore year so waiting two terms for an opening and receiving this opportunity was rewarding!

I’ll be leaving Eugene a few days after graduation to begin working in New York – time sure flies! The skills I developed and lessons I learned at Vox will definitely translate to my future positions. After reflecting on my time here, I’d like to offer the following advice for future interns (at Vox or elsewhere) to help you gain the most valuable experience:

Don’t wait for your supervisor to give you work. It’s important to be proactive as an intern, especially at a smaller agency like Vox. There are always things to do. Check in with your supervisor at the beginning of your day to see how you can help. If you have suggestions, speak up about them in a way that is respectful.

Your projects are as exciting as you believe they are. Work is called work for a reason, and sometimes you might be given work that doesn’t seem exciting. Don’t be negative about it! Ask yourself what you can learn from “boring” tasks. For example, I was assigned to download countless media lists and press releases from Vox’s press release distribution software so they could be uploaded into a new system. While this wasn’t something I’d do for leisure, it was an important task for the agency nonetheless. I chose to approach it as an opportunity to get comfortable working with media databases – even in an entry-level position, you’ll most likely be dealing with many media lists so becoming familiar with them is great practice. I played background music on Pandora and drank coffee to keep up my energy during my shifts!

Know your strengths and use them. When I started at Vox, my supervisor and I talked about how writing is one of my biggest strengths and passions. Establishing this right from the start helped us cater my tasks to focus on my interests while best supporting the agency. It also allowed me to further develop my writing skills by practicing regularly and getting feedback from more experienced professionals. Don’t be afraid to tell your supervisor what you’re hoping to work on because it’ll be helpful to both of you and will make your experience more fun. If you aren’t sure what your strengths are yet, try out different tasks so that you and your supervisor can identify them!

Thanks, Vox, for the great term. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for the agency and to apply the skills I’ve been able to develop!

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