An Infographic is Worth a Thousand Words

An Infographic is Worth a Thousand Words

Post by Dorothy Olszyk, Vox PRPA Intern

For the past couple of years infographics have become a popular and trending tool in marketing, advertising, and public relations. An infographic is an image, such as a chart or diagram, which is used to visually represent information or data. Infographics can be found in newspapers, magazines, and online.

So what makes these pictures so effective? First, we are visual beings. Almost 50 percent of the brain is involved in visual processing, and 70 percent of all sensory receptors are in the eyes.  We can visually process a scene in less than one-tenth of a second, whereas reading a block of text takes much longer. By representing information in pictures, it can be easier to quickly digest- and more appealing to view.

Secondly, less is more! On average, users only read 28 percent of words per visit. On an infographic, the key figures and information are highlighted making it easy for readers to scan while still gleaning the information they need. Infographics increase the likelihood that the users will not only read through all the content, but remember it better as well.

Our spongy brains are constantly bombarded by information- from our phones, the web, television, and other media. All of that data creates a lot of “noise” that can interfere with our understanding of meaningful information. Infographics can help by making your content stand out to your audience.



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