My Summer Internship at Vox

My Summer Internship at Vox

Post by Dorothy Olszyk, Vox PRPA Intern

What a privilege it has been working with the amazing team at Vox this summer! This internship was a great opportunity and I learned something new everyday. It affirmed my passion for the field of public relations!

Next week, I am headed for Iowa to begin my AmeriCorps service. As part of NCCC (National Community Civilian Corps), I will learn about natural disaster preparation and relief, receive training from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), and serve communities in the North Central region of the U.S. for the next ten months.

My time and experience at Vox has taught me some valuable skills that I will carry with me to AmeriCorps and future endeavors.

1). #SocialMedia

Social media has grown to be an integrated part of our lives that is used by a majority of businesses. Whether you instagram, tweet, blog, or post it is important to recognize the various forms of social media and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each one. If you understand social media, you will be able to send your message more precisely and reach your target audience!

2). Don’t Forget Please and Thank You

Call it customer service or old fashion manners. No matter what you call it, remembering to say please and thank you really does go a long way. Being polite in person, over the phone, or by email can make all the difference when talking with co-workers, clients or the media.

3). Be Flexible

Sometimes you are thrown a curve ball that was not covered in your class or training. But don’t panic! Be flexible. Developing the skill of flexibility is important because things can happen at any moment. Not every situation comes with a handbook, so it’s a good idea to recognize things may not go as planned. Plan alternative solutions or other arrangements as back up!

4). Have an Appetite to Learn

Last but not least, being open and willing to learn is so important. This may sound very general, but it is necessary with any job. There is always something new to learn which makes work more motivating and time more valuable. You receive what you put into the job.

Thank you so much for everything Vox! Best wishes to you!

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